Well what do you want to know? Hmm I guess I’ll answer with what I’d want to know…

I could quite easily eat frosting all day only getting out of bed to find Dr Pepper, my life is pretty normal probably boring, my best friend is actually a published author A E Fisher at some point the review that book. I dropped out of university when I realised I hated education and having a schedule to stick to (also having to get out of bed); I don’t regret that at all in fact its made me a happier person. I work part-time as a waitress which I love don’t get me wrong but sometimes I think everyone should experience working in hospitality (shout out to my fellow wait-staff etc.). Umh I’m a British chick and I’m gay. I have also yet to come across a book that is up to standard that is about anything to do with the LGBT community (that’s a rant for another day).

I’m not really sure what you guys will be interested to know about so I guess you can comment on my posts if you want and I’ll get back to you!

Peace out bitches!

DragonsValentine x