Player – Aubrey Irons

Player – Aubrey Irons

It’s been a while but, I’m back with a new review! This one is actually a recent read of mine (only a few days old), and I would just like to say that, in my opinion Irons can write a damn good sex scene. However the actual plot of ‘Player’ is one I have come across a million times before (that’s not to say I didn’t enjoy it), it reminded me of ‘Baller – Vi Keeland’ and also ‘Bad Boy’s Baby – Sosie Frost’, which I must say are almost identical in story line (I’ll do a comparison of the later).

When I picked up ‘Player’ I didn’t expect much from it, seen as I’d pretty much guessed the story already but, I did find myself enjoying it. Perhaps I was just in the right mood/state of mind? Anyway the cliché story just did it for me. I found the Hero (Austin) amusing but a dick all the same and the heroine (Natalie) was interesting to say the least. Honestly, I found the h to kind of annoying at times; I understood her reasons for certain things and some of her actions but at times I just wanted to shake a bitch, then later the h goes off and fucks shit up again (which we expected, right?). We get the typical moment when the H comes to the rescue and then everything is hunky-dory and that’s where it ends. But I’m getting ahead of myself, so lets go back to the beginning.

When we first meet the h she doesn’t seem like all that much however, we see her personality grow as the books goes on (still not happy with her mother) but, I have to say that I still think she was inherently lacking something that would have made me get attached to her. The H however, was easy to like and not at all annoying, he seemed to develop a hell of a lot more than the h and I enjoyed reading his POV. Another problem for me was how the h dealt with her mother (the bitch that she was, although we see a slight change towards the end), in my opinion I think she should have had a blow out with her mother but, that s neither here nor there. We also meet the sister of the h who is actually quite likeable and seems to have a ‘stronger’ personality than the h.

The sex scenes held the passion I have come to expect from Irons and I didn’t find myself skipping over them as sometimes happens with them as if an author isn’t careful they often become repetitive and dull.  As much as it looks live I have pulled ‘Player’ apart I did actually enjoy it, it won’t be one of the books I go back and read when the mood strikes but it is enjoyable and I didn’t find it hard to get through.

Peace out bitches!

DragonsValentine x


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