I did it again….

Okay so I sort of it did it again guys! I got caught up in the goings on of life and forgot to update my blog. Then when I did try to post to here it wouldn’t work, so here I am attempting to write another motherfu*king apology post. Anyway I’ll give you a general update; I now have a tablet to post from so I can write postsomething where ever I go and upload them as soon as I have Internet access (tbf having unlimited WiFi like a certain hunter *talkin bout you Mr Winchester* would be greatly appreciated). I do need to go and pick up some more storage for it though because it doesn’t have as much as I would possibly like. Oh! Another small piece of perhaps interesting information; I’ll see beach proofreading A.E. Fisher’s next book so keep an eye out for short sneak peak verdict.

Well that’s my short update complete and I’ll see you guys soon!

Peace out bitches!

DragonsValentine x


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