Take Me Home – Lorelie Brown

Take Me Home – Lorelie Brown

This was another one of those times when I ended up with my head in my hands asking myself; why? Just why? Honestly this book had so much potential and yet I feel like Brown decided to skip all the good bits that make the reader attached to the characters and their relationship and go straight to them being a couple and the climax hitting and then leaving you feeling let down and quite sad really.  I thought I had found a gem when I found ‘Take me home’ however it was again just a piece of shiny twisted metal. I was infinitely disappointed in the lack of development of the two heroines; however, I was happy that this wasn’t lesbian porn hidden under the guise of a lesbian romance. Although classified as romance it was severely lacking and there didn’t seem to be that ‘spark’ that leads the reader into being invested in the characters; I found myself almost not caring if they even ended up together. The most enjoyment I got from ‘Take me home’ was the interaction between the family at the start of the novel which provoked quite a few laughs from me and reminded me of some aspects of my own family life. Would I recommend this book? Eh, probably not but I also wouldn’t blame someone for actually enjoying the book.

Peace out bitches!

DragonsValentine x


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