Hyde and Seek – Layla Frost

Hyde and Seek – Layla Frost

Now this one was an interesting read because it perfectly combined romantic comedy with the serious drama that almost always takes place in contemporary romance. What drew me to the book in the beginning was the light heartedness of that was described in the blurb; when I finally read Frost’s book (I had it on my list a long ass time) I powered through it in one sitting and found myself desperate for more! Somehow Frost had managed to mix the alpha male persona from typical MC romance and yet keep Jake (the hero) away from the stereotypes that revolve around MC men. A huge draw that makes me pick up books is a feisty heroine (which Piper certainly was) that won’t be pushed around and Frost perfectly presents us with a woman like this in Hyde and Seek.

The plot line was interesting because it was hard to put your finger on who the villain was throughout the book (which is a good thing because I can normally guess pretty quickly), and when we do finally find out who was behind all the issues it’s kind of a shock because Frost manages to down play this person so much so that you expect them to get their own book in the series! Shocking I know.

The sex…I fell that all I need to say is…niiiicceee (with a sly smirk and some head nodding). Like I have said in my reviews before I love it when I can see the authors passion shine through; Frost certainly shows her passion with steamy sex scenes forcing the reader to learn to reader with the book in their opposite hand. I don’t have all that much to say on the topic of hot sex in terms of Hyde and Seek other than if you like your sexy times as hard as I do maybe this is on the softer side? Although it is by no means soft. I like my sex hotter than hot and my wrist to be hurting by the time I’ve finished.

The only complaint I actually have about the book isn’t really a complaint at all more like a comment, maybe? So, my comment is; when we meet the band in the book I didn’t think it was necessary however, I did find the interaction extremely interesting and it did bring back more light heartedness to the story; but it still kind of felt like filler to me. Although now I feel bad because I just realised why this all seems a little familiar to me…Kristen Ashley. Yep sorry Frost but your work (as awesome as it is) just reminds me of Ashley’s so much so that I honestly thought I’d gone a bit mad and confused the authors however, on a positive note I love Ashley’s style of writing so to its a plus that you (maybe? Possibly?) took pointers from her. Anyway, I do think that Hyde and Seek was well worth the read, so much so that I have actually read the second in the series (yes I will be reviewing that as well).

Peace out bitches!

DragonsValentine x


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