Hunter – A. E. Fisher

Hunter – A. E. Fisher

What did I think of ‘Hunter’? Well since I was privy to the unedited and unpublished version I can tell you that I have followed this one from the bare bones to fleshy being it is today. Now this book is special to me (as will the rest of the series will be) because it was written by my best bitch, talking to you Fish but, I promise you I will be as honest as was with my other reviews.

From Hunter’s (H) introduction it is blatantly obvious that he is a perfect example of alpha a male and Mallory (h) is the feisty babe that will bring this man to his knees. Whilst the prologue begins seemingly light hearted however, takes a turn when we are introduced to Noble and the so the drama begins…
My enjoyment of this book comes from its balance of humour and softness mixed with the hardship that the characters faced; Fisher manages to make the initial meeting of Hunter and Mallory humorous for the reader and yet keep an undertone of seriousness whilst simultaneously throwing Hunter’s sexiness into the mix. The story of Mallory and Hunter is softer than perhaps the rest of the series will be however, it fits with the characters themselves and what they are both dealing with. Fisher keeps you on your toes with the interesting twists and turns that the plot takes, leaving you dying to make it to the next chapter, the next page. The relationship between Mallory and Hunter is a slow burner that if not read and understood properly may come across as coming out of nowhere however, the clues are there from the start. The relationship that develops between Hunter and Adair (h’s son) is so sweet it makes my teeth hurt even thinking about it (yack), similarly the relationships that develop between Mallory and the rest of the men aren’t forced upon us. The introduction of the other men in the MC isn’t pushed upon the reader with introductions made when necessary not all at once leaving you lost and confused as some MC writers have made the mistake of doing. Furthermore, I appreciated the deviation from the almost stereotypical hatred that is aimed at the heroine from the club whores and the entertaining relationship that Anna (a FEMALE club lawyer) has with the president of the MC, Wolf.

Onto the sex! Mallory and Hunter don’t have sex early in the book but, the sexual tension is there (oh boy is it there) when they do finally have sex its fucking hot. Mallory’s innocence shines through like a light and yet her desperation enables her to be slightly more forward or maybe its Hunter’s absolute maleness and control of everything. It’s evident from the sex that Hunter is 100% an alpha male, which c’mon guys that was bloody obvious from the start. The stark difference in experience between Mallory and Hunter just makes the sex that bit steamier; there certainly wasn’t a lack of passion between these two as is sometimes the case when writing sex scenes. By a lack of passion, I mean that the author themselves isn’t into the scene thus making it less appealing to the reader however, this isn’t a problem for Fisher as her own passion shines through drawing the audience in for the ride…and what a fucking ride it is!

Peace out bitches!

DragonsValentine x


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