Duke – C. J. Washington

Duke – C. J. Washington

When I read ‘Duke’ it was during a period that all I was interested in reading was MC romance so, pretty much everything at that point had blended together and I ended up with a million different characters running around causing havoc in my head (such a painful memory). Anyway, when I found Washington’s book ‘Duke’ I initially thought of it as something to just quench my thirst for an MC book HOWEVER, what I got was a spunky heroine and a man so alpha that it made me sweat. The first time we meet Nicole (heroine) I found myself liking her because of her attitude (this woman gives as good as she gets), and straight away Washington is in their pulling on your heart strings and making you feel for the girl because being used as ‘collateral’ is pretty damn normal for her. Speaking of being collateral; this was the first book I had come across that used this method as an introduction to the MC (rather than the weeping hearts and knights in shining armour that I was used to at this point) furthermore rather than a straight introduction to our hero we met the ‘sidekick’ so to speak Slam. My initial thought when I met Slam was one of “holy shit this guy is trouble”, I was right *winks* anyway Washington creates a character with a great sense of humour who despite stereotypes is chill and accepting.

The main drama that appeared throughout the book was introduced in the beginning and made more complex by the adding of more family drama to increase the tension. My only complaint would have to be that there may possibly be too much drama especially because some of it seemed a little far-fetched and  

Something that I really, appreciated about the book was the lack of stereotypical alpha male thinking that he should stay away from the female lead because he isn’t good enough for her, Washington avoids this by making Duke fall hard and fast for Nicole (which works well and no it was fucking insta-love) meaning instead of seeing all the drama that usually happens with a couple getting together we saw them as a couple going through issues TOGETHER. That’s not to say that Nicole didn’t face obstacles when getting lovey dovey with Duke, because trust me she did, suffice to say it was the usual obsessed club whore wanting him for herself. In terms of how this was handled to was typical in that there was a fight scene between the women BUT, it was atypical in that the heroine didn’t come out on top and actually suffered quite badly (which I quite liked). Duke’s handling of the issue was not typical as in the average MC book the hero kicks the whore out and moves etc. etc. however in this case the men actual got physical (I’ll leave you to find out what happens here).

Now for what we all want to know…was the sex up to scratch! And the answer is yes, it was. Now whilst I might be a gay woman I can still appreciate a steamy encounter between man and woman. From the start the hero and heroine are eye fucking each other and not really making much effort to hide this, which meant that their first encounter was pretty early in the book (chapter 2 I think) but it didn’t seem rushed into. The scenes where steamy and exciting and probably lead to some one-handed reading (know what I mean).

I only wish that C. J. Washington had released the next book in the series (The Musketeers) already because I am dying to know what is going to happen with them (trust you’ll want to know too). I don’t have any complaint about the book I only think that some readers may have found it hard to follow some of the plot line due to the twists and turns that it took.

Peace out bitches!

DragonsValentine x


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