Just Three Words – Melissa Brayden

Just Three Words – Melissa Brayden

This was my first read from Brayden and I must say I found it to be an enjoyable and easy read which is probably why I read it in one sitting (it could also have been that I can’t leave a book unfinished). I’m aware that ‘Just three words’ is the second in the series and so that might affect my view of the characters and/or storyline, so let’s get into this thing!

Firstly, I should start off by saying that I was ecstatic when I came across Melissa Brayden because she ACTUALLY writes Lesbian ROMANCE not the porn that is passed off as lesbian romance throughout the internet; that alone ensured that I would be reading ‘Just Three Words’ (and the sheer amount of time I spent looking for the goddam thing).

I found that whilst I liked the Sam and Hunter I felt that something was missing (a spark?) almost like they had too much of a friendship aspect to them to make it exciting.  Maybe it’s because I haven’t read the first book in the series but I felt that the characters lacked depth on some occasions which left me unsatisfied; I want to be going on the journey with the character’s not have an outside view that is wholly separate from them. If Brayden had added just a tad more emotional depth to her characters I believe I would have felt a deeper understanding (connection?) of the characters. As it stands I personally found myself connecting with Hunter more than I did Sam; whilst I’m aware this could be because I felt that my personal situation could have reflected hers at one time, more than likely it is due to Sam’s character seeming almost unfulfilled (that might not even make sense) and not at all suited to Hunter (yes I know opposites attract but I think these two should have remained friends).

In terms of turmoil I found myself disappointed as I didn’t feel that the either Sam or Hunter had gone on any journey to end up where they were. Personally, I prefer my heroine(s) to go through more difficulty (maybe I’m a sadist, but I don’t think so) so that in the end the reader (ME) gets a hell of a lot more satisfaction. At no point did Brayden manage to pull on my heart strings *sigh* however I did find myself laughing, mainly at Sam, and enjoying at the time. This book is an easy read with a basic storyline that we have all seen a million and one times but with the twist being that the characters are both female. If you’re looking for a quiet, easy read then this is the book for you but, if you’re looking for something with a little extra spice then you probably won’t want to pick this up. The sex scenes are soft, almost lacking any passion but this does mean that you don’t get distracted (if you know what I mean, no reading one handed) and is potentially a ‘safe’ for younger ages to read (meaning teenagers, DON’T TELL ME OFF). I know this sounds like I got know enjoyment out of reading ‘Just three words’ but I don’t see the point in listing all the thing I liked (which are the same in any book about friends falling in love) but rather outlining what I believe lets this book down. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be returning to Melissa Brayden anytime soon unless she ups her game.

Peace out bitches!

DragonsValentine x


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