Who am I?

I’m DragonsValentine and this is my blog (fucking obviously) so I guess I’ll tell you a little about myself.

I’m a university drop out and I have no regrets about that

I’m completely flat broke (join the club)

And I probably read too fucking much but again I don’t care

Oh and I’m gay!

This blog is going to be about the books I read and what I think of them (reviews, why the hell didn’t I just say reviews); as a general rule my reviews will be in the romance genre however, its possible they’ll deviate if I find something worth the time. My reviews will be honest and mostly likely contain bad language (my apologies); my hope is that by reviewing books I can help stop people from wasting their time on badly written, unentertaining (that’s probably not even a word) drivel. I might also post some of my own ‘drivel’ so enjoy!

Peace out bitches!

DragonsValentine x



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